Platform for young art and clubculture


Platform for young art and clubculture.

TOKONOMA is an important element of japanese reception rooms:


One presents his most valuable items – often hanging scrolls or a piece of porcelain. The host sits in front, while his guests admire the treasures.

As a platform for young art and clubculture, TOKONOMA houses the treasures of young artists hailing from different fields of fine art, performance art and music.
There will be two locations in Kassel this summer:


The TOKONOMA Apartment will host international, upcoming artists from the Artist in Residence Program and present their work in exhibitions. In the evening there will be selected short film programs and readings.


The TOKONOMA Club will be our party venue, with DJs from the German clubscene as well as upcoming live music acts every other week.

TOKONOMA is curated and organized by students from The School of Art and Design Kassel:


Sebastian Dürer, Tilman Hatje, Nils Knoblich, Aiko Okamoto, René Rogge, Batja Schubert, Lukas Thiele und Johannes Trautmann.

TOKONOMA Manifesto

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