Concert - Regis

20:00 Uhr — 23:30 Uhr
Frankfurterstr. 60

„‚Good times‘. That mass togetherness, I wasn’t into that. I wanted to go out, have a bit of a pogo, smash things up. Maybe it’s a generational thing – when I was a kid we’d hang around a phone box because it had a light in it, that was the only entertainment we’d get. It was boring. Much to other people’s disgust, I find it a bit of a pastime, DJing dance music. It’s a bit like golf. People go out – ‚what did you do at the weekend?‘ ‚Go clubbing‘. It might as well be golf or something. I’ve never really got it, I’ve never understood it. It’s probably just as well.“

Ein Konzert mit Karl O’Connor a.k.a Regis
Musiker aus Birmingham und Gründer von Downwards Records